Battle of the Planets: Jason

    (Image, 2003)
™ and ©2003 Sandy Frank Film Syndication

This companion comic to Battle of the Planets: Mark features the second-in–command of the G–Force team. Jason is the Han Solo to team–leader Mark’s Luke Skywalker; he’s a rebel, a hot head, and a crack shot. This one-shot story finds Jason on a mission of vengeance, seeking to destroy those responsible for the death of his parents. The book reveals Jason’s motivations as a member of G-Force and in doing so gives readers an insight into the shocking similarities that he shares with Mark, who throughout the long history of Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman in Japan) has been played as Jason’s complete opposite. On its own the book is entertaining, but read in conjunction with its mirror image, the two books add depth and resonance to a relationship with a lot of history in comics, film and television. Added Bonus: an Alex Ross painted cover!

— Ryan Jackson

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