Batman: Two-Face Strikes Twice

    (DC, 1993)
™ and ©1994 DC Comics, Inc.

Harvey Dent was a rising young district attorney until “Boss” Moron threw acid in his face during a trial. Dent, who previously had been quite handsome, was suddenly cursed by a face whose entire left side was greenish and twisted. The shock of this drove him over the edge of sanity. He became the criminal Two-Face, obsessed with the number two and habitually flips a two-headed coin to decide his next action. One side of the coin was “scarred” by marks etched into it. If that side came up, his next act would be evil. If the other side came up, he would act for the cause of goodness.

Two-Face Strikes Back epitomizes this Batman villain’s character in its very format. It’s a set of two graphic novels, published as a flip-book. One side gives a classic Two-Face story drawn in the style of the Golden Age. The other is a more contemporary tale featuring modern, painted art.

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32 copies available from $1.69
 Versus Two-Face (Harvey Dent); FlipbookMike W. BarrJoe Staton, Daerick Gröss


25 copies available from $1.69
 FlipbookMike W. BarrJoe Staton, Daerick Gröss