Who’s Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes

    (DC, 1988)
™ and © DC Comics

This seven-part directory—edited by Mark Waid (JLA, Captain America)—consists of encyclopedia-style entries on all the characters—major and very minor—from DC’s long-running Legion of Super-Heroes mythos. Included are Superboy, Dawnstar, Wildfire, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, and even lesser lights like Dev-Em and Absorbency Boy. Informative, if somewhat tedious. The artwork is provided by a virtual Who’s Who of comics industry talents: Curt Swan (Superman), Keith Giffen (The Defenders), Pat Broderick (Captain Atom), Jim Valentino (A Touch of Silver), and Colleen Doran (A Distant Soil), among many others. A must-have series for any Legion fan.

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9 copies available from $2.75
Wraparound cover; Absorbancy Boy through Doctor GymBarbara Kesel, Paul Levitz, Mark WaidCurt Swan, Greg Larocque, Joe Staton, Pat Broderick, Ty Templeton, Colleen Doran, Dan Jurgens, Dave Cockrum, Jim Valentino, Keith Giffen, Jonathan Peterson, Rob Liefeld, Rick Stasi, Steve Lightle, Mike DeCarlo


5 copies available from $4.00
Wraparound cover; Doctor Mayavile through High SeerBarbara Kesel, Paul Levitz, Mark WaidDave Hoover, Dave Gibbons, Ron Frenz, Colleen Doran, Greg Larocque, Dave Cockrum, Jim Valentino, Keith Wilson, Ty Templeton, Dan Jurgens, Curt Swan, Keith Giffen, Rob Liefeld, Rick Stasi


4 copies available from $3.00
Wraparound cover; Heroes of Lallor through Legion of Super-Rejects; Plus Planets of the 30th CenturyBarbara Kesel, Paul LevitzKeith Giffen, Jim Valentino, Curt Swan, Ty Templeton, Colleen Doran, Grant Miehm, Dave Cockrum, Greg Larocque, Steve Bove, Rob Liefeld, Jim Reddington, Richard Howell, Stephen DeStefano, Jonathan Peterson, Keith Wilson


6 copies available from $2.00
Wraparound cover; Homeworlds of the Legion of Super-Heroes; Legion of Super-Villians; Lightening Lad through Mon-ElBarbara Kesel, Paul Levitz, Mark WaidParis Cullins, Martin King, Ty Templeton, Kyle Baker, Rob Liefeld, Mike Mignola, Jim Mooney, Keith Giffen, Colleen Doran, Rick Stasi, Greg Larocque, Jim Valentino, Richard Howell, Keith Wilson, Win Mortimer, Grant Miehm, Curt Swan


5 copies available from $3.00
Wraparound cover; Mordru through Science Police Officer Quav; Plus Tour of Legion HeadquartersBarbara Kesel, Paul Levitz, Mark WaidChuck Austen, Keith Giffen, Kyle Baker, Nate Butler, Richard Howell, Ty Templeton, Art Thibert, Mark Waid, Joey Cavalieri, Rick Stasi, Greg Larocque, Rob Liefeld, Ron Frenz, Howard Bender, Curt Swan, Colleen Doran


3 copies available from $3.50
Wraparound cover; Wonders of Metropolis; Seerons Through Timber WolfBarbara Kesel, Paul Levitz, Mark WaidGrant Miehm, Richard Bruning, Ty Templeton, Curt Swan, Keith Giffen, Chris Wozniak, Kyle Baker, Ron Frenz, Kerry Gammill, Howard Bender, Ken Steacy, Frank Travellin, Dan Jurgens, Barbara Kesel, Win Mortimer, Tom Artis, Greg Larocque, Mike Zeck


5 copies available from $5.50
Wraparound cover; The Nik Feelds Show; Time Trapper through Zoraz; Index to Who’s Who in the LegionBarbara Kesel, Paul Levitz, Ty TempletonCurt Swan, Kurt Schaffenberger, Win Mortimer, Kyle Baker, Tom Artis, Nate Butler, Greg Larocque, Keith Giffen, Dave Hoover, Terry Tidwell, José Villarrubia, Kerry Gammill, Colleen Doran, Grant Miehm