(Harrier, 1987)
and 1987 Art Wetherell

Throughout history, there has always been the Deathwatch, beings whose purpose is to seek out and destroy the demonic forces of evil. In ancient times, there were many such agents, for demons and the undead were more prevalent. But as technology outgrew the supernatural, the agents of the Deathwatch dwindled in number, for they drew their power from the very creatures they destroyed. Though reduced, they still survived, and appeared when needed.

In the far future, however, one Deathwatch stands alone. His mystic power is long gone, lost with the centuries, even though mankind suffers the evils of the undead once again. He is the last, yet he fights on, armed with only his wits and the strength of his own convictions.

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 Art WetherellArt Wetherell