(Amalgam, 1996)
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Amazon was one of twelve one-shot titles created by Marvel and DC when their universes “merged” in Marvel Versus DC/DC Versus Marvel #3. The new Amalgam titles combined features of characters from both universes.

This title was created by Wonder Woman veteran John Byrne, who managed to endow it with a sense of history despite its one-shot nature. The title character is a mix of Storm (from Marvel’s X-Men), and DC’s Amazon princess Wonder Woman. In this rendition, she is Princess Ororo of Themyscira, a woman who had been taken in by Amazons as a girl when the god Poseidon destroyed the ship upon which her family had been traveling. Later she grew to become the Amazons’ protector, in addition to discovering her own mutant ability to control the weather. This one-shot relates her origin, as well as taking her once again to confront the sea god Poseidon.

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 Origin of Wonder Woman (Amalgam)John ByrneJohn Byrne

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 Origin of Wonder Woman (Amalgam); No Barcode; Originally offered in a mult-comic pack; Concept combines Storm (of the X-Men) and Wonder WomanJohn ByrneJohn Byrne