The Big Book of Thugs

    (Paradox, 1996)
©1996 Paradox Press. Art ©1996 the respective creators.

The eighth Big Book covers the brutal history of thugs. These are the criminals who get what they want not through any sort of cleverness, but through direct action and pure force.

Unfortunately, this lack of finesse makes the thugs themselves less interesting as a literary topic. Only a few thugs are truly engrossing. These include the Thuggee of India, the savage band of thieves and assassins which gave rise to the word “thugs” in the first place. Others, such as the “Ohio Gang” which disgraced the Harding Administration, are notable for the sheer magnitude of their villainy. The majority, however, are merely groups of criminals whose lives were stories of selfishness and savagery, capped off by their inevitable and violent deaths.

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 Anthology; B&WJoel RoseBatton Lash, Bill Alger, Chris Mcloughlin, D’Israeli, David Bluestein, Fred Harper, Gordon Purcell, Gray Morrow, James Romberger, Joe Staton, Karen Platt, Kieron Dwyer, Kim Deitch, Rafael Kayanan, Randy DuBurke, Rick Geary, Robin Smith, Roger Langridge