Amazing High Adventure

    (Marvel, 1984-1986)
™ and ©1985 Marvel Entertainment Group

Amazing High Adventure featured collections of great adventure stories by top-notch creative teams. The idea behind this series was to pack as much action as possible into a deluxe format book, while challenging great super-hero writers to work outside of their usual genre.

High Adventure gave such greats as Ann Nocenti (Longshot), Paul Smith, and Al Williamson a chance to stretch their wings. While the results can be uneven at times, it’s an interesting series, and definitely worth checking out.

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13 copies available from $2.25
  Ann Nocenti, Louise Simonson, Steve Englehart, Mike CarlinJohn Severin, Steve Leialoha, Tony Salmons, Gerry Talaoc


12 copies available from $0.90
  Alan Weiss, Ann Nocenti, Eliot Brown, James Owsley, Steve EnglehartAlan Weiss, Gerry Talaoc, Paul Smith, Topham Hayes, Carl Potts, Bill Sienkiewicz, Mike Mignola, Chris Warner, Bret Blevins, Terry Austin


5 copies available from $2.00
  Steve Englehart, Mike Baron, Mark WheatleyJohn Severin, Mike Mignola, Val Mayerik, Marc Hempel, Mark Wheatley


6 copies available from $1.75
  Alan Zelenetz, Bill Mantlo, Steve PerryJohn Bolton, John Severin, Stephen R. Bissette


4 copies available from $2.50
  Mike Baron, Bill Mantlo, Ken SteacyJohn Ridgway, Tomasina Cawthorn-Artis, Steve Purcell, Ken Steacy