Burn: Destiny

    (Digital Webbing, 2005)
™ and ©2005 Digital Webbing LLC

This is a very graphically intense story of crime and violence within Asian culture, particularly the mafia in Chinatown. For those fans of Bruce Lee films and more contemporary John Woo films, the ongoing series reads like a storyboard to one of those features. Plenty of action and soap opera fill out the proceedings as the reader discovers what happened to Troy and Marlan Lee before, during and after their deaths. Grim, but riveting action adventure.

— Mark Arnold

From the Comics Buyer’s Guide:

The Ma brothers come perilously close to committing an all-too-common sin found in many indie comics: too many characters to keep track of and too few dissimilarities to tell them apart.

But close only counts in nuclear war and horseshoes, so the Mas can be forgiven. Just one more character might have put off the more intolerant readers, though, as would the characterization, had it been one micron thinner. But the relatively simple introduction, about a presumed-dead member of a Chinatown gang resurfacing, makes for a smooth, accessible story.

The use of a cheap but creative gimmick helps readers keep track of things, if they know to look for it: the skin color of each main character is given a pastel tint, and the narration boxes are colored to match. It’s clever, but what at first seems like a strange bit of artistic license turns out to be a Garanimals approach used to prop up an otherwise confusing narrative.

Like a shot of sake, this first issue goes down quickly. But it’s enticing enough to make the consumer want more.

— Jim Johnson

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