Ballistic Action

    (Image, 1996)
™ and © Image Comics, Inc.

The artwork of Top Cow illustrators is showcased in this one-shot. Dedicated to Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel, there are no stories at all, merely splash pages and pin-ups from early ‘90s newcomers. Published by Image Comics, the drawings have the trademark Image style: exaggerated anatomies, scantily clad females, and grimacing characters. Most of the illustrations resemble glossy photos from a sports magazine, which was their intention. A shot of Velocity in a Playboy pose is thrown in to heighten the titillation.

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 Pin-ups Anthony Winn, Chance Wolf, Nathan Cabrera, Michael Turner, Frank Gomez, Aaron Sowd, Adam McDaniel, Billy Tan, Kevin Lau, Frank Teran, Chris Alexander, Brian Ching, Eric Battle, Dave Hooper, Randy Green