Alien Legion: On the Edge

    (Epic, 1990-1991)
™ and ©1990 Carl Potts

Force Nomad of the Alien Legion was on board their troopship Piecemaker, en route to Greelbase. They had just put a temporary end to a perpetual war on a distant planet and all concerned figured they had deserved a chance to stand down from combat. But fate intervened in the form of new orders to intercept an Eldran penal ship which had been taken over by the prisoners it was transporting. The Piecemaker engaged the ship, but a freak gravity well threw off the attack. Then a black hole appeared out of nowhere, dragging both ships into it with its immense gravitational pull. Things were not looking up.

Escape was impossible, but the captain of the Piecemaker tried a desperate maneuver: he would go into orbit around the black hole’s event horizon. This would leave the Legion ship trapped forever on the edge of oblivion. Here the laws of physics were stretched to breaking. What’s more, they discovered they were not alone!

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Book #1

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Collects Alien Legion: On the Edge #1-3; Published by Titan BooksChuck DixonLarry Stroman