Woolworth’s Happy Time Christmas Book

    (Whitman, 1952)
™ and ©1952 F.W. Woolworth

The one-shot holiday giveaway, Woolworth’s Christmas Book 1952, features a heartwarming tale of a couple of kids who are staring into a candy shop one day and discover that the candy maker is actually Santa Claus himself! Santa takes the kids on a merry romp through Christmas land in his candy-cane airplane, and even lets them accompany him on his gift-giving rounds in the reindeer-driven sleigh.

What seems like a quaint holiday keepsake, however, was in fact well ahead of its time. Interspersed with the story and kid-activities such as connect-the-dots puzzles are numerous ads for Woolworth’s toys, designed to whet kids’ appetites for Christmas goodies to beg from their parents. Imagine, a comic book where the whole purpose of the story, characters, and artwork is to sell toys! Good thing that never caught on…

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1 copy available for $9.00
ca. 1952