(Äardwolf, 1994-1995)
™ and © Äardwolf

Bill Kaminaw published this short-lived series under his Äardwolf banner. The series is more illustrated fiction than true comic book, with pages of text interspersed with pictures by the likes of Dave Cockrum and Paty. Included are the stories “I, Gezheh,” “Stiffed,” and “Street.” The last is an early collaboration with Clifford Lawrence and comics veteran William Messner-Loebs.

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Cover titled “You Gezh Me Now?"B&WClifford Lawrence, William Messner-Loebs, Robert BlochDave Cockrum, Paty Cockrum


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  Clifford Lawrence, David Boswell, Robert Bloch, William Messner-LoebsDave Cockrum, David Boswell, Gray Morrow, Marie Severin, Paty