Batman: No Man’s Land Gallery

    (DC, 1999)
™ and ©1999 DC Comics

In the pages of Batman, Detective Comics, Batman: Shadow of the Bat, and Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, the tragic story is told. Gotham, destroyed by earthquake and abandoned by the country, became “No Man’s Land.” This blockbuster storyline has inspired thirty-two full page illustrations depicting the characters and situations involved. The contributors read like a who’s who of comicdom: Mike Deodato (Elektra, The Incredible Hulk), Rick Burchett (Batman: Gotham Adventures), Bill Sienkiewicz (Moon Knight (Vol. 1), Lone Wolf and Cub), Phil Jimenez (The Invisibles), and John and Sal Buscema (Conan the Barbarian, Batman/Toyman). The culmination is a fantastic, animated series-style portrait of the Bat family by Craig Rousseau and Terry Beatty.

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 Pin-ups Dale Eaglesham, Will Rosado, Norm Breyfogle, Terry Dodson, John Cassaday, Dan Jurgens, John Stanisci, Mike Deodato Jr., Yvel Guichet, Rick Burchett, Scott McDaniel, Tommy Lee Edwards, Bill Sienkiewicz, Ernie Chan, Phil Jimenez, Creig Flessel, Roger Robinson, Frank Cho, Dave Ross, Paul Ryan, Matt Broome, Greg Land, Darick Robertson, John Buscema, Jim Aparo, Chris Cross, Rodolfo Damaggio, Paul Pope, Jason Minor, Craig Rousseau