(Eclectus, 1990-1991)
™ and ©1990 Rod Underhill

This is another in a long line of anthology books, with the title meant to symbolize a gateway to strange new worlds. Although the word airlock is most associated with spacecraft, and thus science fiction, the intention of the series is to cover several genres, including horror, comedy-adventure, and even funny animal stories. Unfortunately, the concept has been overdone to the point that the stories are often clichéd and even predictable. Despite the lack of real originality, this particular comic features the work of some talented people, including Rod Underhill, Jorge Pacheco, Wayne Reid, and the Helmers brothers.

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 B&WEd Quinby, Jorge Pacheco, Rod Underhill, Wayne ReidEd Quinby, Jorge Pacheco, Topper Helmers, Wayne Reid


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 B&WRod Underhill, Tim Burgard, Joshua Quagmire, Jorge PachecoTopper Helmers, Tim Burgard, Joshua Quagmire, Mike Bannon, Jorge Pacheco, Phil Orr


1 copy available for $34.99
  Rod Underhill, Monica Sharp, Joshua QuagmireTopper Helmers, Dave Garcia, Joshua Quagmire, Dean Lee Norton, Wayne Reid