Batman: The 12 Cent Adventure

    (DC, 2004)
™ and © 2004 DC Comics, Inc.

Someone has summoned all of the criminal gangs in Gotham to one place for the meeting to end all meetings. Only, someone forgot what happens when such meetings take place, and a huge chunk of Gotham’s underworld is wiped out when the violence erupts. The struggle to fill the power vacuum, along with all participants seeking revenge against each other, leads to an all out gang war. With Gotham’s finest being unable to stem the tide of death and destruction, do Batman and his operatives, no matter how skilled, stand a chance? And who is the mysterious villain at the center of the plot?

This affordable, stand-alone first chapter begins the mega-crossover “War Games,” a storyline that runs through three months worth of Batman-related titles. Before it is done, the storyline will create some major shakeups in the lives of Batman and his closest allies.

— Jerry Smith

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