Angels of Destruction

    (Malibu, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Malibu Comics Entertainment, Inc.

Maria Delorentti, known as Witch Hunter, is on a quest to exterminate all paranormal creatures. Her mission is fueled by the rage and hatred created when her family and life were destroyed by demons.

In an attempt to convince Maria to spare his life, a conniving demon gives her glimpses into the minds and souls of some of the heroines featured in UltraForce and the Exiles. His power allows Maria to experience their lives as if they were her own memories, as if she were these women: Topaz, an alien warrior queen stranded on Earth; Shuriken, the merciless ninja who is powerless to save her own son; and Amber Hunt, whose personal quest for power consumed her thoughts, her dreams, and ultimately everything she loved.

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 One-shotBrian Michael BendisLeonard Kirk, Robert DeCastro, Shannon Gallant, Vinton Heuck