Barbaric Tales

    (Pyramid, 1986)
™ and ©1986 the respective creators

This black-and-white anthology title from Pyramid Comics features two ongoing series—“The Warriors Three” (not to be confused with Marvel’s Asgardian heroes) and “Damlog”—as well as a third stand-alone story. “The Warriors Three” chronicles the adventures of Vandal Thrash, Arecles, and Mooncloud as they fight all manner of evils in a dark world of swords and sorcery. “Damlog” presents a dystopian vision of Earth’s future in which most of the human race has been wiped out by invading aliens, and follows the pursuit of Damlog, a genetically engineered human being who has escaped from the lab where he was created. It’s fairly amateurish stuff, but interesting, nonetheless.

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  Bill Cavalier, Mark Paniccia, Ragne NaessBill Cavalier, Mark Paniccia, Ragne Naess


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