Animal Weirdness

    (Cozmic, 1974)
™ and ©1974 H. Bunch Associates, Ltd.

An adult black-and-white title containing British humor with bizarre talking animals combining parody, drugs, sex and murder.

Readers are treated to the romantic adventures of Eddie Trunker, Private Dick, the incredible brain of Dr. Quartermouse, and others. Also included are Snoak, Last Hedgehog in Liverpool with Arkid, his sidekick can, the violent yet touching story of The Dum Bun, and the murderous tales of Rudie, the Right On Rabbit.

As the cover says, this is a “real underground comic.” And considering that the cover depicts Dum Bun cutting loose on a British “underground” subway car, they at least had truth in advertising.
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Brian Hawcroft, Chris Tyler, John Seven, Jules, Malcolm Poynter, William Rankin, Geoff Rowley, Rowley, ProdesBrian Hawcroft, Chris Tyler, Geoff Rowley, John Seven, Malcolm Poynter, Prodes, Rowley, William Rankin