WildStorm Universe 97

    (Image, 1996-1997)
™ and ©1996 Aegis Entertainment, Inc.

Wildstorm Universe 97 is an updating of the Wildstorm Universe Sourcebook. The issues of this series give updated details on the prominent characters of the Wildstorm Universe, including the members of Gen13, StormWatch, WildC.A.T.s, and more. A pinup page is accompanied with a brief history, list of abilities, and the all-important first appearance.

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Information on various Wildstorm charactersWarren Ellis, Shon C. Bury, Sarah Becker, Sean Ruffner, John Layman, Tom Harrington, Steven Seagle, Alan Moore, Jeff Mariotte, Rachelle Brissenden, Mike Heisler, Dan NakrosisRichard Johnson, John Beatty, Carlos D’Anda, Saleem Crawford, Michael Lopez, Edwin Rosell, Brett Booth, Sean McWeeney, Trevor Scott, Jeff Rebner, Mark Irwin, Pete Woods, Scott Clark, Chris Carlson, Rob Stotz, Ray Kryssing, Michael Ryan, Lucian Rizzo, Sean Shaw, Charles Gibson, Troy Hubbs, Aaron Lopresti, Terry Dodson, Rachel Pinnock, Alé Garza, Mark McKenna, Sean Chen, Norm Rapmund, Cabin Boy


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Information on various Wildstorm charactersSarah Becker, Shon C. Bury, Rachelle Brissenden, Warren Ellis, Steven Grant, Mike Heisler, Barbara Kesel, Jeff Mariotte, Sean Ruffner, Francis Takenaga, Aaron WatanabeBrett Booth, Carlos D’Anda, Randy Green, Juvaun Kirby, Michael Lopez, Aaron Lopresti, Ryan Odagawa, Michael Ryan, Trevor Scott, Sean Shaw, Terry Shoemaker, Rob Stotz, Scott Williams, Pete Woods


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Information on various Wildstorm charactersRachelle Brissenden, Shon C. Bury, Warren Ellis, Mike Heisler, Barbara Kesel, Sean Ruffner, Francis TakenagaBrett Booth, Joyce Chin, Carlos D’Anda, Randy Green, Rich Johnson, Juvaun Kirby, Aaron Lopresti, Tom McWeeney, Ryan Odagawa, Jeff Rebner, Michael Ryan, Sean Shaw, Rob Stotz, Terry Shoemaker, Trevor Scott, Christian Uche, Josh Wiesenfeld, Pete Woods