Alpha Centurion Special

    (DC, 1996)
™ and ©1996 DC Comics

“From the pages of Superman” he comes, and also from the annuals of history, since Alpha Centurion—Marcus Aelius—is a mighty Roman warrior brought centuries into the future and empowered as a protector of Earth. And since he’s not needed in Metropolis, and has been rejected by his own hand-picked Centurions, he takes up residence in Washington, D.C. And there’s plenty to protect in America’s capital, besides just the populace; right away he encounters a woman from the future, Ephemera, stealing historic documents from the National Archives.

That’s just the beginning of his adventures, as he’s soon contacted by alien races, brought into a vast war of betrayal, and asked to do things he’s not sure are right—all with the vague assurance that it’s part of his duty as protector. Densely written and witty, the DC one-shot is by Barbara Kesel, Stuart Immonen, and Dean Zachary

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 Origin of Alpha Centurion; One-shotBarbara Kesel, Stuart ImmonenDean Zachary