Bizarro World

    (DC, 2005)
™ and © DC Comics, Inc.

The acclaimed Bizarro Comics hardcover relied on a framing sequence (involving Bizarro and Mxyzptlk) to justify the existence of the bizarreness it contained. Now, more firmly established in readers’ minds, we don’t need no stinking framing sequence! We don’t need no stinking justification! Bizarro comics am fun! Who contributed to Bizarro World? Peter Bagge and Gilbert Hernandez am not on board with Red Bee story. Kyle Baker no contribute hilarious Alfred story. Eddie Campbell no write Flash. Ellen Forney no draw Wonder Girl. Also no contributions from Tony Millionaire, Paul Dini, Sarah Dyer, Jason Yungbluth, Johnny Ryan, Harvey Pekar, James Kochalka, and many, many less. (This being Bizarro–speak, of course they did, as did many others!) The Bizarre ideas explored include The JLA’s “take your kids to work day,” Kamandi as “the laziest boy on Earth,” some p.o.’d Legion rejects, and Green Lantern’s yellow-phobia. Many of the best ideas spring from prime instigator Evan Dorkin. One quibble: Contents pages are next to useless, when pages aren’t numbered!

As the saying goes, “Don’t ask—just buy it!”

— Jack Abramowitz
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#1 - 2nd printing

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Chris Duffy, Chip Kidd, Andy Merrill, Mo Willems, Abe Foreu, Patton Oswalt, Jason Yungbluth, Aaron Bergeron, Mike Doughty, Peter Murrieta, Dean Haglund, Johnny Ryan, Evan Dorkin, Harvey Pekar, Dylan Horrocks, Peter Bagge, Eric Drysdale, Todd Alcott, Tomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka, Paul Dini, Ariel Bordeaux, Maggie Estep, Leela Corman, Tom Hart, Eddie Campbell, Paul Grist, Rand Borden, David Borden, Philippe Dupuy, Charles Berberian, Kurt Wolfgang, John Krewson, Dave Roman, Kyle Baker, Elizabeth Glass, Paul DiFilippoC. Scott Morse, Tony Millionaire, Roger Langridge, Ellen Forney, James Kochalka, Bob Fingerman, Craig Thompson, Jason Paulos, John Kerschbaum, Danny Hellman, Donald Simpson, Dave Cooper, M. Wartella, Dean Haspiel, Farel Dalrymple, Gilbert Hernandez, Tim Lane, Andi Watson, Michael Kupperman, Tomer Hanuka, Asaf Hanuka, Carol Lay, Rick Altergott, Ivan Brunetti, Dylan Horrocks, Leela Corman, Paul Grist, Hunt Emerson, Robert Siegel, Larry Sikoryak, Ben Dunn, Philippe Dupuy, Charles Berberian, Brian Ralph, Evan Dorkin, Raina Telgemeier, Kyle Baker, Derek Kirk Kim