(Image, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Top Cow Productions, Inc.

A Cyberdata recovery crew headed by the ruthless female mercenary Killjoy was sent to Death Valley to find a powerful object known only as a “shard.” It was meant to be a “simple dig and grab scenario.” Of course, they couldn’t have counted on finding an underground land whose inhabitants were an unholy mixture of vampire and werewolf.

The team did battle with the were-creatures and eventually succeeded in recovering the shard. Unfortunately, both Shields and Killjoy were wounded in the process. Shields went to his friend, the woman cyborg Ballistic, for aid. She, in turn, forced Killjoy to admit the truth about their mission and that Killjoy was also infected with whatever strange disease that Shields had. Ballistic returned to find Shields walking around by himself, and for a moment was overjoyed with his recovery—until Shields’ new pair of razor-sharp fangs pierced her neck!

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