Along the Canadian

    (Obion, 2004)
ô and © Obion

Creator Joe Rivers presents a tale of the Old West, 10 years after the Civil War. Itís expertly drawn; Riversí art style is loose and dynamic and brings to mind Kyle Baker or Jeff Smith. Itís refreshing to see one creator in charge of all aspects of a comic book; it looks as though Rivers even lettered it by hand, unusual for an indie comic book.

Fans of John Ostranderís The Kents will be right at home here. Like that mini-series, this is a realistic take on the Old West, with none of the whitewashing that used to be associated with the subject. To that end, thereís a lot of racism against Native Americans, but thatís to be expected considering the time period.

Though depictions and events are true to life, this series also contains a dash of mysticism, in the form of two ghostly Native American children bent on revenge. Though the concept mars the realism, itís worth it.

Hereís hoping for more work from Riversóthis guyís a real talent in the making.

ó Steve Horton

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