Alley Oop (Dell)

    (Dell, 1962-1963)
™ and ©1963 Dell Publishing Co.

Alley Oop has been a mainstay on the pages of the Sunday comics section since 1933, and made sporadic appearances in comic books as well, mostly during the 40s and 50s. Vincent Hamlin’s loopy caveman Alley Oop began as the king of prehistoric Moo, ruling in the tradition of comic barbarians and perennially vexed by his wife and scheming advisors. Then Professor Wonmug and his crazed assistant Oscar Boom arrived in a time machine, brought Oop back to the twentieth century (with predictably riotous consequences), and together, they embarked on a series of screwball adventures through history, pitting the irascible Cro-Magnon against ancient Romans, Egyptians, pilgrims, and pirates, among others.

Alley Oop’s appearances between the glossy covers of comic books were generally limited to reprints of runs of his daily and Sunday strips, with new material occasionally provided by Hamlin or his studio.
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