Ape Omnibus

    (Ape, 2004)
™ and © Ape Entertainment

Ape Omnibus is a collection of stories that are all over the map in regards to style and genre. Some of the artists and writers are brand spanking new and others are seasoned veterans. You never know who or what will appear next. Overall, it is an impressively wide variety of excellent talent, especially from the rookies. Most of the features have a slight science fiction bent to it, but that may change as time goes on, as submissions are always welcome, but the catch is you have to pay for your submission to be published.

— Mark Arnold

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  Dara Naraghi, Mike Hall, Brent E. Erwin, Chad Lambert, Marcus Digesu, James West, David HedgecockAdrian Barbu, Jason Seabaugh, Jerry Hunter, Joe Gravel, Anthony Figaro, James West, Tetsu Liew