Real Stuff

    (Fantagraphics, 1991-1994)
©1991 Dennis P. Eichhorn and the stories’ respective artists.
Adult; B&W

A critically acclaimed alternative comic, Real Stuff is the brainchild of writer Dennis P. Eichhorn. Eichhorn uses it as a forum to relate episodes from his own life (or perhaps an interesting fictional alternative to his real life). Penciling duties are handled by a number of well-regarded artists ranging from Jaime Hernandez (Love and Rockets) to Pat Moriarity (Big Mouth).

Judging from the stories in Real Life, Eichhorn has often taken the road less traveled. “Death of a Junkie” talks about meeting an old friend at the Seattle Space Needle, following him home to his apartment, and discovering a junkie in the back room, dead from an overdose. “Our Thing” follows his misadventures as a high school student in Idaho, where he and a friend copped booze by following cars from the state-run liquor stores. It’s hard to tell if these stories are fiction, elaborations, or the “real stuff.” Either way, they’re darned interesting.

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 Dennis EichhornJim Woodring, Peter Bagge, H. K. Tuttle, Michael Dougan, Carel Moisewitsch, Mary fleener, Mark Zingarelli


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 Dennis EichhornJ. R. Williams, Michael Dougan, Stan Shaw, Roberta Gregory


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 Dennis EichhornJim Woodring, Peter Bagge, Michael Dougan, Carol Moiseisitsch, Lynda Barry, J. R. Williams, H. K. Tuttle


No copies available
 Dennis EichhornPat Moriarity, J.R. Williams, Sean Hurley, Holly Tuttle, Mark Zingarelli, Jim Blanchard, Rantz Hoseley


1 copy available for $14.99
 Dennis EichhornMary Fleener, J. Long, Mark Zingarelli, Pat Moriarity, J. R. Williams


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 Dennis EichhornJulie Doucet, Seth, Chez, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, James Pyman, H. K. Tuttle, J. R. Williams


2 copies available from $19.99
 Dennis EichhornH. K. Tuttle, Donna Barr, Stan Shaw, Tony Fitzgerald, Colin Upton, J. R. Williams


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 Dennis EichhornBrian Sendelbach, Joe Zabel, Noel Tuazon, J. R. Williams


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 Dennis EichhornPete Friedrich, Shary Flenniken, Ed Brubaker, Ted Jouflas, John Connell, J. R. Williams, Lloyd Dangle


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 Dennis EichhornGerald Jablonski, Michael Dougan, Rene French, Peter Bagge, Patrick Finney, J. R. Williams, Gene Fama, Sue Nock, Stan Shaw


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 Dennis EichhornWard Sutton, Jason Lutes, Garry Marshall, Gene Fama, Eric Theriault, J. R. Williams


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 Dennis EichhornHoward Chackowicz, Pat Moriarity, J.R. Williams, Jason Lutes, Howie Rigberg, Pete Friedrich


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 Dennis EichhornGerald Jablonski, Howard Chackowicz, J. R. Williams, Jeffrey Dickinson, Kent Myers, Curt Schoultz, Ed Brubaker, R.L. Crabb, Jeff Johnson


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 Dennis EichhornSteve Hess, Joe Sacco, David Chelsea, J. R. Williams, Patrick Finney, Justin Hampton


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 Dennis EichhornColin Upton, Rupert Bottenberg, J. R. Williams, Noel Tuazon, David Abu Bacha, Julian Lawrence, S. Haze, Lester, Chris Oliveros, Bernie Mirault


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 Dennis EichhornJ. R. Williams, Wayno, Howard Chackowicz, Colin Upton, Eric Theriault, Sook-Yin Lee, Chester Brown


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Adult; B&WDennis EichhornGerald Jablonski, Terry LaBan, Ariel Bordeaux, George Parsons, Terry Moore, J. R. Williams, Paul Bryan, Gene Fama, Renée French


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 Dennis EichhornLeslie Sternbergh, J. R. Williams, Steve Lafler, Ariel Bordeaux, Cat Kenney, Seth Tobocman


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B&WDennis EichhornGerald Jablonski, Justin Hampton, Ariel Bordeaux, J. R. Williams, S. Cunningham, Holly Tuttle, Fiona Smyth, Stan Shaw, Jim Siergey, R.L. Crabb


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 Dennis EichhornMack White, Michael Cougan, Pat Moriarity, Peter Bagge, J. R. Williams, Gene Fama, Carol Swain

Book #1

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Reprints stories from Real Stuff, Real Smut, Big Mouth, Scram, Real Schmuck, Northwest Extra; Published by Swifty Morales PressDennis EichhornRick Altergott, Peter Bagge, Jim Blanchard, Ariel Bordeaux, Rupert Bottenberg, Chester Brown, Ivan Brunetti, Charles Burns, Howard Chackowicz, David Chelsea, Dan Clowes, Dave Collier, Dave Cooper, Robert Crabb, Lloyd Dangle, Julie Doucet, Michael Dougan, Gary Dumm, B.N. Duncan, Gene Fama, Mary Fleener, Drew Friedman, Renée French, Roberta Gregory, Sam Henderson, Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Sean Hurley, Gerald Jablonski, Peter Kuper, Carol Lay, Jason Lutes, Kent Myers, Bernie Mireault, Carel Moisewitsch, Terry Moore, Pat Moriarity, Joe Sacco, Seth, Leslie Sternbergh, Carol Swain, Holly Tuttle, Colin Upton, J.R. Williams, Jim Woodring, Joe Zabel, Mark Zingarello