Beach High

    (Big, 1997)
™ and © 1996 Big Entertainment, Inc.

A young couple has a romantic rendezvous on a moonlit beach. At least, what they plan is romantic, but what they get is dead, victims of a mysterious slasher. Their murders are only the latest to rock Beach High, and Michelle, whose boyfriend and best friend are among the victims, feels it can’t be a coincidence that each of the women killed were contestants in an upcoming bikini pageant. She’s determined to get to the bottom of it, and in fact she will whether she attempts it or not—since she seems likely to be the killer’s next target.

This one-shot horror tale mixes a text story by Christopher Golden, best known for his vampire and X-Men novels, with full-page color illustrations by C. Bradford Gorby.

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 Illustrated text story, one-shotChristopher GoldenBrad Gorby