Disney’s Action Club

    (Disney, 1997-1998)
™ and ©1997 Walt Disney Productions

This digest, aimed at young readers, offers several Disney stories based on popular Disney movies of the 1990s, such as The Mighty Ducks, Toy Story, Hercules, and Aladdin. Each issue also included a game also based on the Disney characters, such as a “Find Aladdin” puzzle, itself much like the “Where’s Waldo” puzzles.

Surprisingly, rather than being published by Disney itself, this series was produced by Acclaim, a company better known for action titles like Magnus Robot Fighter and X-O Manowar.
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March, 2014
Cover Price: $4.50
1 copy available for $49.99
Daniel G. ChichesterCosme Quartieri
March, 2014
Cover Price: $4.50
1 copy available for $39.99
Clay Griffith, Rurik Tyler, Susan GriffithBrian Kong, Butch Guice, Nelson Luty, Rusty Haller