Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo

    (Vertigo, 1993)

Jonah Hex returns from a long hiatus in this chilling tale of the old West. It all began when he was being dragged through the desert by the Traywick gang. Just as they were preparing to hang the horribly scarred bounty hunter, he was saved by an old codger named Slow Go Smith.

A bounty hunter himself, Smith took the Traywick gang’s heads back with him as proof of his claim, and together, he and Jonah headed into town. Once there, they discovered that the reward had already been given out to some local idiots who had mistaken some luckless innocents for the Traywicks. After voicing their displeasure, Hex and Smith decide to pack it in for the night in a local hotel.

Then, in the dead of night, they are awakened by a ghastly sight: the very people they had earlier seen laying dead in their coffins had come back to life!

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 Joe LansdaleTimothy Truman

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