Aliens: Pig

    (Dark Horse, 1997)
™ and ©1986, 1997 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

From the very beginning, it wasn’t a very bright idea.

A spacebound salvage crew detected a downed spacecraft that was last carrying a full load of iridium ore worth millions. The problem was that the ship went down on a planet known to be infested by Aliens. But the geniuses on the salvage craft had a plan. They strapped a low yield nuclear device on a pig which they had been carrying as livestock, wired it to a remote detonator, and sent it down to the planet. The pig would presumably encounter the Aliens and be taken back to their hive for breeding. Then, they’d hit the detonator and blow the entire hive up.

It sounded almost plausible until they tried it—and the detonator didn’t activate. From there on out the mission became a black comedy, as crew members improvised new plans with a fatal stupidity. Above all, they’d underestimated how much trouble a pig could cause.

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