The A-Team

    (Marvel, 1984)
©1983 Stephen J. Cannell Productions

In Viet Nam they were an elite commando force, but they were court-martialed for a crime they didn’t commit. Escaping from an army stockade, they fled to Los Angeles where they became soldiers of fortune. Still hunted by the army, they became the A-Team: taking on impossible cases for people in trouble.

The A-Team is comprised of a number of people, each with their own particular skills. The crazed “Howling Mad Murdock” is a technician and pilot; “Face” is a pretty boy who uses his charms for undercover work; and Amy Allen had been a reporter investigating the team when she became so impressed that she joined. Led by tactician Hannibal Smith, the team’s real star is strong man B.A. Baracus, better known to fans as Mr. T.

Although spectacularly successful on TV, the A-Team’s comics debut ran for just three issues in 1984.
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March, 1984
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Jim Salicrup, Marie SeverinMarie Severin
April, 1984
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Jim SalicrupJim Mooney
May, 1984
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Alan KupperbergAlan Kupperberg