(DC, 1996)
™ and ©1996 DC Comics, Inc.

When a series of murders in Gotham City turns out to be motivated by a devil-worshipping serial killer hoping to invoke the aid of the archfiend Ba’al, Batman must join forces with the Demon Etrigan and travel to hell itself to solve the mystery. There Batman has to tangle with ghosts from his past, including Jason Todd (the Robin who was murdered by the Joker) and his parents, never certain if The Demon is really his ally or his enemy.

This deluxe DC graphic novel was written by Alan Grant and lavishly illustrated by David Roach. The result is a classic “Dark Knight” Batman team-up with one of the stranger characters in the DC Universe in an entertaining, unpretentious story reminiscent of the Silver Age’s The Brave and the Bold series.

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 Prestige format one-shotAlan GrantDavid Roach