Attack of the Mutant Monsters

    (A+, 1991)
™ and © 1991 Roger Broghton/Sword in Stone Productions

A giant monster is captured and then taken back to civilization to be put on display as the Eighth Wonder of the World. If you’re thinking King Kong, think again. The monster is an enormous lizard named Kegor whose similar appearance to Godzilla must be one more coincidence. In another story, a tyrannical dictator believes he can use Kegor as an offensive weapon to conquer his neighbors.

This title, published in 1991, reprints stories from the late 1950s and contains no mutants. The popularity of the X-Men and other mutants of the time, must have been the impetus for including the somewhat misleading word “mutant” in the title. Although the stories are predictable and formulaic, the classic artwork by Steve Dikto should be enough reason to not resort to a deceptive title.

— George Haberberger

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 Reprints; B&WNicola Cuti, Joe QuesadaSteve Ditko, Tom Sutton