Fantaco’s Chronicles Series

    (FantaCo, 1982)
™ and ©1982 FantaCo Enterprises
continue from The Daredevil Chronicles #1

This is the fifth in a series of magazines that examine popular comic book series. The History of Spider-Man contains short entries of Peter Parker’s love life and an interview with Roger Stern by Fred Hembeck. Also included amidst the black-and-white art are articles by Steve Webb, Robert Sodaro, Thomas Fagan, Jim Korkis and others. The Amazing Spider-Man Checklist goes up to issue 232 (September 1982), The Spectacular Spider-Man up to issue 69 (August 1982), and Marvel Team-Up all the way to issue 120 (August 1982) and includes cover artists, editors, reprints, and guest appearances in other titles up until that time.

Earlier FantaCo chronicles include #1, The X-Men Chronicles; #2, The Fantastic Four Chronicles; #3, The Daredevil Chronicles, and #4 The Avengers Chronicles.
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August, 1982
Cover Price: $1.50
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John Carkner Sr., Lou Mougin, Fred Hembeck, Roger Green, Joey Cavalieri, Don Martinec, Daniel Schweiger, J.A. Fludd, Rich Morrissey, Bill Townsend, Rocco Nigro, Diana SchutzJohn Byrne, Joey Cavalieri, Bruce Fuller, Michael T. Gilbert, Michael Golden, Fred Hembeck, Don Martinec Jr., George Pérez, Dave Simons
July, 1982
Cover Price: $1.50
2 copies available from $1.50
Tom Fagan, J.A. Fludd, Fred Hembeck, Jim Korkis, Robert J. Sodaro, Brian Talley, Steve WebbTerry Beatty, John Byrne, Bruce Fuller, Michael T. Gilbert, Tammi Harris, Fred G. Hembeck, Bob Kessel, Steve Leialoha, Brenda Mings, John Romita, Steve Ronson, Joe Staton, Raoul Vezina
Annual #1

Cover Price: $2.50
1 copy available for $1.50