Fred Hembeck Sells the Marvel Universe

    (Marvel, 1990)
™ and ©1990 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

Fred Hembeck wrote a gag strip for Marvel Age magazine for years in which he drew himself in comic form interviewing various characters in the Marvel universe. The gags tended to center around whatever the key happenings were in the Marvel universe at the time, or whatever new titles Marvel was pushing. As a result, this special reprinting of the old gag strips was entitled Fred Hembeck Sells the Marvel Universe.

In this series, Hembeck takes the reader on a hilarious trip through some silly corners of the famed super-hero universe. In one strip, Hembeck interviews the X-Men’s Cyclops in which the one-eyed wonder gives “X”-answers to every question (Q: “Tell me, what do folks call you when they see you roaming the streets in that bright costume of yours?” A: “X-hibitionist”). In another strip, Fred does a revue of bad costumes throughout the years—The Thing with a mask? Hawkeye wearing a tunic? Ugh!

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