(Chaos, 1994)
™ and ©1993 Brian Pulido & Stephen Hughes

Years ago, Judge’s family was killed by a man named Krill. Devastated by the loss, Judge dedicated his life to finding Krill and making him pay. Eventually, the trail led to a secret installation in Los Angeles where a project called Pandora was in full swing. The goal of Pandora was to create “augments”—genetically augmented humans—using chemicals secreted from the medulla at the time of death. Leader of this ghastly project was Krill.

Minutes before the Pandora process was to activate, Judge attacked Krill. They fell together into the process tube, disappearing in a great explosion. Later, Judge would awaken from a two-month coma with the power to detonate and then reform his body. In effect, he had become human TNT. But Krill had also survived, gained powers, and was calling himself Messiah. For Judge, the old vendetta lived on, but now the stakes were much, much higher. A two-issue mini-series from Chaos! Comics.
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December, 1994
Cover Price: $2.95
7 copies available from $1.75
Brian PulidoSteven Hughes
January, 1994
Cover Price: $2.75
6 copies available from $0.99
Brian PulidoSteven Hughes