Big Hair Productions

    (Image, 2000)
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“A smorgasbord of the best Saturday morning cartoons not on TV” is the most accurate description of this series, recalling the television cartoon trends of the late 1990s in style but much more adult in humor. Andy Suriano has created a laugh riot comic that will keep most readers smiling at the very least.

Big Hair Productions introduces us to the further adventures of such characters as Byron, and his incredible balloon creations and Astrobug, who with his faithful sidekick Space Cadet Kip flies the universe seeking to make a difference. There’s also Little Man Jake, a snotty little kid who has an unfortunate condition in which he shrinks to ant size at the most inopportune times and Dawg, who went through some very interesting changes at fifteen. Lastly, there’s Little Polynesian Pu-Pu who protects his island home and friends from greedy developers and nasty volcano gods.

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