Army Surplus Komikz Featuring: Cutey Bunny

    (JQ, 1982-1985)
™ and ©1985 Joshua Quagmire

The scantily clad rabbit Cutey Bunny is the star of this black-and-white comedy series created by Joshua Quagmire. Kelly O’Hare is a recruiter for the Army by day. By night, she uses the powers given to her by Ra, the Egyptian sun god, to become Cutey Bunny. Ra is a lovable, if not totally together deity, who continually nags O’Hare about her choice of outfits.

Cutey Bunny fights everything from large mechanical lobsters to anthropomorphic cats who like to dress up in bondage clothing. Cutey Bunny’s adventures can be a little on the kinky side, but even if she’s imperiled by a river of oatmeal, it all really all just good clean fun.

This cult favorite series started at Josh’s own JQ Enterprises, but moved to Eclipse for its fifth and final issue.

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