Bettie Page: Queen of the Nile

    (Dark Horse, 1999-2000)
™ and ©1999BMP Productions Inc. by CMG Wildwild Inc. Text and art ™ and ©1999 Jim Silke

No matter what they say, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little bit of silly cheesecake. This latest tribute to a woman who is arguably the most beloved and rendered pinup girl in history is just that.

Bettie finds herself abducted from New York City and taken to a planet on the far future where she is more valuable then gold. Here, a crazy computer has created a world based on the pulp adventures of the 1920s and 1930s, with Bettie its principal goddess, the type one ties up and sells to the highest bidder.

There’s white slavers, Egyptian priests, a randy mummy and many more annoyances Bettie handles while posing in her underwear and tossing off saucy comments. All she really wants to do is get back home, where a modeling contract awaits.

This limited series was created by Jim Silke, with some cover art from Dave Stevens, creator of The Rocketeer.

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Book #1

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Collects Bettie Page: Queen of the Nile #1-3 and Bettie Page: Spicy Adventure #1; Introduction by Frank ChoJim SilkeJim Silke

Book #1 - 2nd printing

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