Azrael Plus

    (DC, 1996-1997)
™ and © DC Comics

Acquiescing to Colonel Chablis’ plea, Vic Stone has hired himself out as a secret bodyguard for the Colonel’s daughter. She’s is an aspiring actress and something of a klutz, but the Colonel fears that his political enemies will strike at him through her. His assignment takes him to a riverboat that features a theatre cruise starring the clumsy Rita Chablis. It turns out that the Colonel’s concerns were well founded. Junior Musto is anxious to secure the prestige that killing the Colonel’s daughter will bring to his ragtag terrorist group, not to mention the approval of his recently deceased father. Meanwhile someone who has father issues of his own, Jean Paul Valley, coincidentally takes the same cruise after seeing an ad for the Rita Chablis play, “The Secret of Angels.” Predictably, Musto’s gang strikes, Vic Stone becomes The Question, Valley becomes Azrael and chaos ensues.

This title was a series of one-shots throwing characters together in an unlikely team-up. Writer Denny O’Neil’s script is light and humorous owing to the ineptness of the Musto Gang, and the series of coincidences that drive the story.

— George Haberberger

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