Daredevil vs. Vapora

    (Marvel, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.

Despite the hokey title, this one-shot, produced in association with the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association, is a good example of a public service comic done right. It begins as Daredevil saves a badly burned girl from a blazing apartment building. Later, the owner of the apartment turns to Daredevil’s alter ego, Matt Murdock, for help in defending against an arson lawsuit. As it turns out, it wasn’t the owner who started the blaze, but gas fumes from a can of gas used by the girl’s father to remove some tiles. The deadly vapors, personified here as a ghostly figure called “Vapora,” appear elsewhere as a woman uses gas to remove a carpet stain, and as two boys use it inside to clean their motorbikes.

Since gas fumes are heavier than air, they tend to drift in an invisible fog until they reach a spark of other source of ignition. It’s a silent, deadly hazard that can easily be avoided using the lessons taught here.

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