Abenobashi: Magical Shopping Arcade

    (Tokyopop, 2004)
™ and © 2002 Gainax and Abenobashi Production Committee

When the Abenobashi shopping district is torn down to make way for a new development, Sasshi hates to see his old neighborhood disappear—it’s just one more thing going wrong in his young life. He doesn’t have long to dwell on his problems, though, because the demolition unexpectedly opens a gateway between parallel universes. Thrown into this portal, Sasshi and his friend Arumi find themselves hopping from one crazy Abenobashi incarnation to the next. Unfortunately, the worlds they visit are molded by Sasshi’s mid–travel thoughts, and he’s got a lot on his mind. An adaptation of the popular Gainax series, Abenobashi: Magical Shopping Arcade preserves the offbeat humor and parodies of the original.

— Lorie Witkop

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  Satoru AkahoriRyusei Deguchi


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  Satoru AkahoriRyusei Deguchi