The Armageddon Factor: The Conclusion

    (AC, 1990)
™ Americomics, ©1990 AC Comics. Colt ©1990 Don Secrease. Dragonfly ©1990 Rik Levins

This special caps off The Armageddon Factor, a limited series which told of how alien invaders succeeded in bringing about the utter destruction of the Earth. The story is told after the fact, as an alien being of great power (identified here as the evolved Captain Paragon) sifts through the remains of the devastated Earth in search of answers. By reanimating the spirit of Nightveil, he discovers that Vardax invaders had penetrated the governments and military forces of both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. They gave each side technology that promised to make them invulnerable to missile attack, while at the same time encouraging them to attack their neighbors. Meanwhile, Earth’s super-powered protectors were either rounded up, killed, or forced into government service.

In the end, despite the best efforts of Earth’s heroes, the world was destroyed—but Paragon may be able to offer it one final chance to live again.

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 NN; B&WRik LevinsBill Marimon, Darren Goodhart, Frank Turner