Orb Magazine

    (Orb, 1974-1976)
™ and © 1974 Orb Publications

A true product of the ‘70s, Orb Magazine represents a piece of comic book history that—as witnessed by recent trends—has managed to come full circle: the anthology. The 68-page black and white title (which includes a 10-page color insert) can best be compared to a Twilight Zone episode with its focus on traditional horror, sci-fi and fantasy stories.

The ongoing serial that receives the magazine’s 10-page color treatment is Northern Light—the story of a modern day super-hero facing modern day problems. Aside from that, the remaining eight stories (which vary from two to 10 pages) run the gamut of premises, but they do manage to share one thing in common—the macabre. As an added bonus, a series of rudimentary Orb posters—full-page, black and white drawings—act as interstitial “programming” breaking up each of the publications episodes.
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December, 1974
Cover Price: $1.00
2 copies available from $2.00
Alex Emond, Gene Day, John Allison, Ken Steacy, Mary Skrenes, Matt Rust, Paul McCusker, Richard Robertson, Steve Skeates, T. Casey BrennanAlex Emond, Dan Archambault, Gene Day, Jim Craig, John Allison, Ken Steacy, Matt Rust, Paul McCusker, Paul Savard, Richard Robertson, Rob McIntyre, Ronn Sutton
November, 1975
Cover Price: $1.00
1 copy available for $4.99
Gene Day, Kerri Ellison, George Henderson, Matt Rust, Jim WaleyKen Steacy, Jim Craig, Matt Rust, Peter Hsu, Vince Marchesano, Art Cooper, Jim Beveridge, Norm Drew
February, 1976
Cover Price: $1.00
2 copies available from $9.99
T. Casey Brennan, Gene Day, Nick Donaldson, George Henderson, Matt Rust, Jim Waley, Russell WallaceArt Cooper, Jim Craig, Gene Day, Peter Hsu, Vince Marchesano, Don Marshall, Bill Payne
April, 1976
Cover Price: $1.00
1 copy available for $9.99
Gene Day, Augustine Funnell, George Henderson, Matt Rust, John Sech, James WaleyDan Archambault, Jim Beveridge, Jim Craig, Gene Day, Vince Marchesano, Don Marshall, Paul McCusker, Bill Payne, Matt Rust