All-Star Western (2nd Series)

    (DC, 1970-1972)
™ and ©1971 National Periodical Publications, Inc.
Series continued in Weird Western Tales #12

DC’s second All-Star Western series featured darker western heroes, such as Outlaw, a “secret ranger” who masqueraded as a criminal to apprehend lawbreakers, and El Diablo, a mysterious, black-garbed avenger in the tradition of Zorro. The series’ most notable contribution to comics is Jonah Hex, the scarred bounty hunter who first appeared in issue #10, continued to headline the book when the title changed to Weird Western Tales with issue #12, and earned his own long-running title in 1977. Oddly enough, after his title was canceled with issue #92 in 1985, Jonah became a post-apocalyptic sci-fi hero in the short-lived series Hex. DC’s Vertigo imprint recently returned him to the Old West in two successful mini-series, Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo and Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such.

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  Gerry ConwayCarmine Infantino


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Neal Adams cover Robert KanigherTony DeZuniga, Gray Morrow


6 copies available from $10.00
Neal Adams cover Robert KanigherGil Kane, Gray Morrow


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Neal Adams cover Robert KanigherGil Kane, Gray Morrow


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Neal Adams cover Robert KanigherJim Aparo, Alan Weiss


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  John Albano, Gil Kane, Dennis O’NeillTony DeZuniga, Gil Kane


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 Expands to 48 pagesJohn Albano, Robert KanigherTony DeZuniga, Alan Weiss, Joe Kubert


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  John AlbanoTony DeZuniga, Gil Kane, Carmine Infantino, John Prentice, Joe Kubert


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 Reprints from Western Comics #70, Frontier Fighters #2, Jimmy Wakely #4, 8, Bat Lash #6; All reprint issue; 48 pagesGardner Fox, John Broome, Sergio Aragonés, Denny O’NeilCarmine Infantino, Nick Cardy, Joe Kubert, Frank Frazetta, Mike Sekowsky


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 1st Appearance of Jonah Hex; Reprint from Bat Lash #6Denny O’Neil, John Albano, Robert Kanigher, Sergio AragonésGray Morrow, Nick Cardy, Tony DeZuniga, Mike Sekowsky


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 Series continues as Weird Western Tales; Reprints from Western Comics #79, Bat Lash #7John Albano, Sergio Aragonés, Len Wein, Denny O’NeilGray Morrow, Nick Cardy, Tony DeZuniga, Carmine Infantino