Aliens: Apocalypse—The Destroying Angels

    (Dark Horse, 1999)
™ and ©1986, 1999 Twentieth Century Fox

Is it a coincidence that humans have encountered Aliens in our far future? Or is there something far more sinister unfolding in the universe that presages the Aliens on an almost unfathomable scale? Alecto Throop is a deep–space rescue specialist cut from the same cloth as Ellen Ripley, who’s as tough and smart as she is attractive and resourceful. Gut instincts and decisive actions have kept her from losing her life on more than one dangerous mission. Her instincts weren’t strong enough to warn her away from tracking down a missing scientist who was studying an ancient race at the time of his disappearance. Join Throop Rescue and Recovery as they follow the elusive Dr. Keitel to a petrified world that was ancient long before life first crawled on Earth. Our universe has never seemed so immense, so primitive, and so hideously dark.

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 Collects Aliens: Apocalypse—The Destroying Angels #1-4Mark SchultzDoug Wheatley