Aliens: Earth Angel

    (Dark Horse, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The Fifties: malt shops, biker movies and…man’s first encounter with the Aliens? This one–shot tells the story of a spaceship crash-landing on the outskirts of small–town America. Two kids find the extraterrestrial pilot with a strange crab–like creature covering his face. They take him to the town doctor for study. Of course, Aliens fans know that the crab–like creature was really a first-stage Alien who had infected the pilot. Before long, it turned into the second–stage, bursting through the pilot’s chest and fleeing to a secluded spot where it could complete its transformation into a full–grown alien.

Artist John Byrne brings us this story of the first “Earth War” with the Aliens. This time everything works out all right in the end. But not so many years in the future, it’s a whole other story…

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