After Dark

    (Millennium, 1995)
©1995 The respective creators

After Dark is an anthology of female vampire stories. It was a showcase for a talented selection of creators including Brazil’s Deodato Filho (later known as Mike Deodato), Wendy Snow Lang (creator of Night’s Children), and Mike Iverson (Vigil).

Leading off the issue is Deodato’s “Jack,” a story later reprinted in Prime Cuts (Mike Deodato’s…). In it, a doctor’s wife is transformed into a vampire with a untiring thirst for blood. Because the doctor loved his wife too much to leave her, he decided to roam the streets of London in an attempt to find blood for his bride. He keeps to himself and never gets caught. The papers end up naming him, Jack the Ripper.
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May, 1987
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Charles Baudelaire, Chris Curtan, Faye Perozich, Emilio Braz, Mike Iverson, Wendy Snow-LangArvin Loudermilk, Deodato Filho, Kim Elizabeth, Louis Small Jr., Robert Suarez, Wendy Snow-Lang