Batman/Phantom Stranger

    (DC, 1997)
™ and ©1997 DC Comics

A crude gang of thugs vying for the mystical secret of the ancient Lemurian civilization that can “make or break the world,” and a troubled adolescent, trying not to squander the opportunity he received from Bruce Wayne, bring DC’s most mysterious men together in this one-shot.

When that the Lemurian culture was wiped out, the survivors left a message for succeeding civilizations. Believing this message is his ticket to the big time, Boss Vidor and his gang rob the graves of the last of the Lemurian descendants, and kill the aide of the professor they’ve kidnapped. Former gang wannabe, Jon Konik, stumbles across the desecration, and the man they killed, at the same time Batman does. Konik becomes the prime suspect, but the Phantom Stranger’s intervention leads Batman to realize the potential of one lost boy to reclaim a message of hope from a forgotten civilization.

— George Haberberger

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