Battlestar Galactica: Journey’s End

    (Maximum, 1996)
™ and © 1996 Maximum Press

Picking up directly from the end of Maximum Press’ Battlestar Galactica: Apollo’s Journey, this four issue mini-series continues Rob Liefeld’s take on the 1970s sci-fi series originally created by Glen Larson. In this installment in the saga, Liefeld weaves in continuity from previous Galactica comic series and the television show itself to tell the tale of a massive cosmic battle between good and evil and Apollo’s efforts to stave off a catastrophic Cylon invasion. The future of humanity itself is at stake as Baltar and the Cylons attack the fledgling Earth colony, decimating their ranks. Apollo and the Battlestars are forced to flee, leaving Earth colonists Adam and Eve behind. Meanwhile, Starbuck, lost and presumed dead, ekes out a threadbare existence on an arid world. In the end, Apollo’s only hope may lie in his own future, but will he survive to defeat the Cylons once and for all?

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11 copies available from $1.25
  Robert Napton, Rob LiefeldHector Gomez


5 copies available from $1.00
  Robert Napton, Rob LiefeldHector Gomez


4 copies available from $1.50
  Robert Napton, Rob LiefeldChing Lau, Michael Chang, Richard Horie


4 copies available from $1.00
  Robert NaptonChing Lau, Michael Chang